cijoe: tools for systems development and testing

cijoe is a means to collect, and loosely formalize, the bits and pieces commonly used during systems development in order to obtain an automated and reproducible workflow.


The following will install cijoe, produce an example configuration and workflow, and execute the workflow using the configuration.

python3 -m pipx install cijoe
cijoe --example

cijoe is silent by default, as in, does not print out anything unless errors occur. However, at the end a HTML-report is produced and opened providing an overview of the workflow invocation.

If you do not want the HTML report, then you can invoke cijoe with -n / --no-report. If you want cijoe to be more verbose, then increase the log level with -l/--log-level or enable the monitor -m/--monitor.

For a thorough description, the rest of the documentation is provided with the Introduction serving as the starting point.