Quick StartΒΆ

Run the following commands in your shell:

# Install CIJOE and the CIJOE example package
pip3 install --user cijoe cijoe-pkg-example

# Start the CIJOE shell

# Use the refence environment definition as a template for your environment
cat $CIJ_ENVS/remote.sh > target_env.sh

# Modify it to match your *test-target* *environment*
editor target_env.sh

# Create directory to store test results aka the *testrun*
RESULTS=$(mktemp -d)

# Invoke the CIJOE runner, running a *testplan* in your *environment*
cij_runner \
    --testplan $CIJ_TESTPLANS/example_01.plan \
    --env target_env.sh \
    --output $RESULTS

# Create a test report for the resulting testrun
cij_reporter --output $RESULTS

# Inspect the report
xdg-open $RESULTS/report.html

In case the above did not work for you, or you just want to know what went on above, or you want to know what else you can do with cijoe, or whatever your motivation is, then the rest of the documentation should be able to answer your questions.

The Introduction serves as the starting point, defining some terms and information which will be used throughout the documentation and providing an overview of the remaining sections.